Natasha Ghosn began MONDO MONDO as a line of t-shirts in 2012. She quickly expanded the world, creating collection after collection of handcrafted, mythologically and classically inspired jewelry and a trove of poetic fragrances.

Natasha was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After studying fine art and fashion history in Chicago and New York, Natasha retraced her family's footsteps to Mexico City, where her mother was born and where her grandfather had lived and worked in a community of artists. Fascinated by her family's collection of Mexican art and artifacts, Natasha learned traditional techniques of metalsmithing, and began crafting the signature shapes and style of MONDO MONDO. Generally eschewing precious stones in favor of glass, the bijouterie of MONDO MONDO is an imitation of the heirloom, or a fantasy of a relic. For custom pieces, Natasha works with precious stones to create one of a kind MONDO MONDO original works of art and timeless ornaments of exquisite simplicity.

Simultaneously, Natasha delved into the alchemical science of perfume, and each of her unique fragrances has become a must have for the discerning. A cinematic escape into the sunset, an iridescent afternoon of wordless yearning, the stillness of the earth under the vastness of the sky - each scent is a world unto itself; universal yet somehow known only to us.

MONDO MONDO is a trip and a souvenir; something we bring back from that other world, and something to prove that we were there.